Love versus Fear, Expansion versus Contraction

Times are challenging. There is no denying the fact. It seems that we are all feeling some acceleration, some kind of push forward, that we don’t quite know where it is taking us. The abyss of the unknown is engulfing us. How do we react or respond to that? Do we fight it with our fists symbolically, or even literally, or do we relax into it with curiosity and courage? That is the big question.

I am no exception to this phenomenon. I have recently gone through my own version of being catapulted from my old way of being. This landed me in a new place, a different place that I managed to get to by standing in my own truth and integrity — honoring my values and alignment with my life’s purpose and deepest being. Staying in such alignment constantly requires testing like any other instrument that you want to play, to bring out its fullest expression and beauty. What is it, then, that hinders us from constantly being in this authentic expansion?

What I have observed is the stage of contraction. Contraction versus expansion or flow — the flow of love, trust, and faith. Contraction comes from our gripping fears and limited belief that we have to be in control, that we have to figure things out with our mind and bypass the wisdom of the heart. This is the separation from our truest being that happens when we allow our frightened self, the small, egotistical self, to be in charge and to try to control a situation.

Does that work? Not in my experience. The theme of letting go is something I have been working on for a long while in my quest to become a Conscious Leader. I have gone out into nature on     solo passages numerous times with the main focus on softening, relaxing, and dropping into something that is always available to us underneath the contraction.   John P. Milton calls this process “decontracting.” This is opening up to allow the flow of love, joy, creativity, and trust to permeate our whole being, and it is the stage we can also call presence. Solutions to our perceived problems and blockages seem to pop up out of nowhere. The energy and excitement that follows catapults us on to something new, something bigger and more expansive than we could ever have imagined. If you haven’t experienced this, I definitely recommend you seek ways to get started. It is well worth it. The chances are that your whole perspective on leading yourself and others and on living your life in a fuller and more harmonious way will change.