Are You Clearing the Path for the New?

My native country Iceland has been much in the news in recent years and showcased a mini version of a much bigger phenomena that we in Iceland call HRUNID or the CRASH. This has been breaking down the old structures of people’s lives and leaving the nation bewildered, in ruins, and facing rebuilding the battlefield.

No one can deny that the whole world is in peril and going through a large-scale collective transformation. Humanity as a whole is experiencing a breakdown of the old systems; health-care, finance/economics, education, religion, politics, and commerce. At the same time, new seedling like the Conscious Capitalism Movement are sprouting up as catalysts for new beginnings. But before the new can fully take over we first have to face the death of the world and life as we known it. The times seem to be signaling mother Earth’s shedding of her old skin and her need to renew herself. That is her organic nature.

We talk about bringing in new business models and updating organizational structures. We are eager to learn about all the new how-to’s and measure the results of application, and we’re doing a great job of it.  But what we sometimes forget to attend to are the personal, inner processes we all need to take on in order to clear out and become the sustainable conduit for the new ideas and the new ways of doing business. We cannot move forward without clearing the pipes, dying to the old and surrendering to the emptiness, to make space for the new designs swimming in the ocean of possibilities. Most of us hold on to the old ways like a shipwrecked person holding on to a life raft.

That is human nature. We are filled with outdated ideas, beliefs and concepts, and cling to dysfunctional relationships; family and/or society’s imprints that are no longer in alignment with who we are or our values; habits, routines, and comfort zones we don’t want to give up; and a false sense of security and power that we think is real. Not to mention all the things we surround ourselves with. What if we consciously entered into the process of letting go, of surrendering willingly and peacefully? If we did, ancient wisdom tells us that we could accelerate the process of birth and renewal and create a much healthier and stronger flow of compassionate ways of bringing in the new paradigm for our times, while inviting in a higher state of consciousness.

The good news is we actually have an ally willing to guide us through this personal process of inner transformation if we let her. This is the Dark Feminine, often called Kali, with her knowledge and wisdom of the natural law of cycles; alternations of creation and destruction, growth and decay, birth and death, light and dark, conscious and unconscious. These are cyclical life processes that, if understood and honored, help us sail the ship with the wind in our sails supported by magic instead of battling upstream forces. This is the Great Goddess who in ancient times was perceived as an organizing principle of the universe who embodied all the forces of the three great mysteries, life, death, and rebirth within her figure. The Goddess was the life force that animated all of existence.

Kali or the old wise crone, teaches us that endings are the precursors to new beginnings, just like the cycles of the moon, waxing, full, and waning, or the cycles of the seasons.  She shows us the three phases of the cycle; creation, preservation, and destruction as seen in the beginnings, middles, and endings in all of our life endeavors. We have been in the preservation phase for a long time and most individuals and institutions are trying to hold on to the old structures and their old ways of doing things, as these make them feel safe. But the phase of destruction is upon us, ready to demolish and turn to dust familiar things in order to create space for the new, just as when we bulldoze a building in order to create a clear platform for a modern and sustainable design, a new structure that is fitting for the times.

Reinstating the wisdom of the Dark Feminine and surfing on her dovetail to the deep and murky waters of the unknown, by letting go of the old, is not only a smart thing to do but is, in fact absolutely essential. The times are calling for it; the collective unconscious is calling for it.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to weed our own garden by accepting, integrating, and honoring these ancient, natural energies of the pushing yang and the yielding yin, of flexing and relaxing, of hardening and softening, of expanding and contracting. If we pause and take stock of our lives, personally and professionally, and muster the courage to throw obsolete attitudes, beliefs and structures with outdated concepts on the bonfire, we might eventually get to the zero point where the natural and organic flow of pure and raw creative energy will flow freely through to create our magnificent new world. This is True Power.