Let’s Talk Love and Leadership

Over the last few months I have strongly felt that love is in the air. Romantic love is probably what first comes to your mind, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the impermissible, no-no subject in most companies—LOVE in the workplace. For some reason I have been delightfully bombarded with thoughts and talks on love and leadership from many directions. Maybe not surprising, as for the longest time I have been advocating to leaders the importance of opening up our hearts and integrating our outward successes with the more intangible aspects of connection, compassion, empathy, and, yes, LOVE. Love of self, love of others, and doing good through loving. I even mentioned love and caring in an article about how leaders can inspire others, “The 9 Keys to Being an Inspirational Leader”, published last April in the e.MILE, People Development Magazine. What is encouraging to me is the increased frequency of dialogue around love in the business world. In this post I will share what has come my way lately in the hope that it will inspire you to start a conversation about love in your own leadership and place-of-work. Read the full article on LinkedIn.

(Image: Courtesy of the Love Foundation)