What is Your Relationship to Money?

Do you have an issue with money? What is your relationship to money? Is it a conscious relationship or an unconscious one?

It seems everywhere we turn these days people are acknowledging having money issues. This does not only apply to those who find it increasingly challenging to take care of their current business or personal affairs due to the effects of the financial crisis and recession, which was caused by the meltdown of world-dominating neoclassical economics and resulted in loss of homes, jobs and nest eggs. Many who have millions in the bank suffer similar anxiety, distress and discomfort about money. Surprising, but true, and it brings up the question, “How much is enough?”

We at the Conscious Leader Network run a survey each month following our Conscious Leader Learning & Networking Forums. Among other things, we ask our community members what topics would be of interest to them at future Forums. We noticed that the topic of money kept creeping up. This prompted us to explore this evergreen issue that humans have been experimenting with since at least 100,000 years ago, after the emergence of proto-money, such as arrowheads, salt, animal hides and cowrie shells. The need to put a value on any type of exchange is always present.

We decided to take on this topic and invited six money experts to play with us at our last Conscious Leader L&N Forum in June. These were professionals from the world of philanthropy, socially conscious investing, value consulting, accounting, law and money coaching.  Their expertise spanned all the way from what might be the most conscious and sustainable companies to invest in, how to match our values with our investments, and how to bridge the financial income gap when in transition. Then there comes the more introspective aspects of our relations to money, such as our limiting beliefs and concepts, and our unconscious blockages around wealth, abundance, and money. We also have the question, “What is money anyway?”

The Forum became a real dialogue about conscious leadership and money. Our money experts led discussions in small groups where the Conscious Leader Network community members opened up their hearts and shared candidly from their own experience, and exposed their vulnerability around money. They found out that they were by no means alone in their struggles, and there was a sense of relief knowing, that this could be talked about openly in a group setting. Most of us sit with these issues on our own and create enormous energy leaks by worrying and allowing our fears to run the show. There was also a resounding cry for more exploration on how to come to terms with the issue of money as part of becoming a Conscious Leader.