Cultivating a Life That Matters

Excerpt taken from Heather Marie Wilson’s interview with Runa Bouius for her book SEEDS OF FREEDOM: Cultivating a Life That Matters.

I first met Runa at the Conscious Capitalism Institute at Bentley University in Boston a few years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. Her perspective of the role of live and death is very inspiring and something I wanted to share.

The Western culture holds a strong stigma towards death and dying and seems to forget it is one of those aspects of life that is natural and unavoidable. The only sure thing we know is that we will one day die and so will our beloved ones. It could be your turn tomorrow or it could be in 40 years time. But here is another aspect of death. Death and dying is also happening to us all the time in the form of changes, endings, closures of some sort or another. Think of ending a marriage or a relationship, finishing a long-term project, leaving college, changing a job or career, moving to a new place, going through a financial meltdown, the kids leaving home. The list is endless. Some of these changes are welcome and self-selected. Others are thrown at us without a warning. Life can seem harsh, unfair, and unpredictable. Read  the full interview in SEEDS OF FREEDOM: Cultivating a Life That Matters, published by Hay House (September 2011).