TOGETHER! Conference for Women Thriving. Los Angeles Sept. 13-14

Last year I spoke at the FORGE conference in Los Angeles for women entrepreneurs. It was the third conference in a trilogy that the co-founders, Tatjana Luethi from The Swiss Zone and Jose Caballer, founder and CEO of The SKOOL, co-produced in 2013. It was an impressive feat for anyone, and especially to be as successful at it as they were. The first two conferences were MERGE and MOVE.

The reason I was invited to speak at FORGE was that I had become an entrepreneur myself in Iceland in my early twenties and ran my businesses in the cosmetic and perfume industries successfully for close to two decades. Younger women entrepreneurs and business leaders are always looking for role models for inspiration, learning, and wisdom. I was happy to spend time with courageous, eager-to-learn, and hard-working women at the conference and share of my experience as a seasoned entrepreneur.


Redefining Leadership

My collaboration with Tatjana had started before the conference when she interviewed me for a project she was working on called “Redefining Leadership: A Woman’s Expression and Contribution.” After the conference our collaboration continued when she had me on as a guest speaker at her “Know Yourself” workshop for women. When she started preparing for the fourth conference with Jose, they asked me to sit on their board of directors. I was happy to do so but had no inkling that my “yes” would rapidly turn into the busy role of a co-producer for the TOGETHER! Conference scheduled for September 13-14, 2014. But here we are.

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Genuine Collaboration

Rocio Villalobos, founder of VidroMedia, has also joined our team of co-producers. Rocio is currently shifting her branding agency from the more traditional framework to that of a Conscious Business. Every day, as team-members, we are practicing one of the most important traits for the modern business paradigm — that of collaboration. And I must say that we are doing a great job at it. I love the interaction, the creativity, and diving into the resourcefulness and resilience needed to pull off a conference like this. I also love the desired outcome of supporting other women to become successful entrepreneurs and more creative and effective business leaders, wherever they might be working. Didn’t the Dalai Lama say, “The World will be saved by the Western woman”? With my belief that business is one of the most powerful vehicles to solve the worlds most pressing problems and the Dalai Lama’s trust in the power of women to do the same, I feel I am supporting a pretty worthy cause and a collective need while serving my higher purpose in the process.

Coming TOGETHER of Related Initiatives

Another reason that the TOGETHER! Conference is exciting to me is the theme of “How to Build a Conscious Business.” As a Conscious Business, Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Leader’s guide, facilitator, and consultant, I am thrilled to highlight other colleagues and experts in the areas of Conscious Capitalism, Conscious Business, B-Corporation, Sustainability, Alternative Currency, the Green Economy, and innovative Venture Capital and Investing and feature them with experts in the new models and approaches of sales, marketing, and monetization as well as the CORE Strategies of defining your business, community, and goals. We will also showcase businesses that practice this new business model, such as Whole Foods MarketWeWork, and others. Yours truly will be moderating two panels: the opening panel, setting the context for the conference by asking the question, “What is Conscious Business?” and the practitioners’ panel, with Whole Foods Market. I will also lead the workshop “Conscious Leadership in Action: What Is It and Why Should I Care?”

The TOGETHER! Conference


The TOGETHER! Conference is a 2-day conference where women will learn simple, yet critical skills to thrive in today’s changing marketplace. This is for all professional women — career-changers, creatives, freelancers, organizational team leaders and employees, solopreneurs, new entrepreneurs, and existing entrepreneurs — who want to lead the change they like to see in the world.

This is an invitation to all those courageous, professional women interested in a more feminine way of starting, building, and doing business to join us to explore, with other like-minded and equally courageous women, knowing that in the process we are growing and strengthening the community of women change-makers.

I am looking forward to seeing YOU as we explore together how the business paradigm is shifting, and how we as active business women can take part in changing it while changing the world at the same time and prove the Dalai Lama right.