“How Does a Business Leader Find Meaning and
 Fulfillment in Work? — The Collective Wisdom”

Not so long ago, I co-facilitated a forum for business leaders called “How Does a Business Leader Find Meaning and
 Fulfillment at Work?” in which my partner and I began by sharing our own personal stories with the audience. Then we invited the participants to explore some probing questions about the topic. They worked with each other in roundtable groups, shared from their own experiences, and concluded by looking for common themes. Afterwards the conversation was opened up to the whole group, and each table shared their findings. What I have seen through that kind of conversation is the value that lies in the wealth of knowledge, experience, and collective wisdom in the room when creatively shared with everyone.


One of the most inspirational stories we heard that evening was from a seasoned CEO who shared that his biggest fulfillment in life is to take care of his employees and make their lives as easy and happy as possible. He looks at his employees as family members, and there is no separation between how he behaves in his home-life and his work-life. He sends his people home from the office at closing time, and there is no overtime needed in his workplace. He maintains that if his employees have not finished their work at the end of the day, he has either not given them the tools to do their jobs effectively, or they have too much work. If the latter is true, he quickly reassigns the workload. How often do we hear stories like this? Too seldom. This CEO is a true model of what it means to be a Conscious Leader.


Many more themes came up during the forum about what supports business people in finding fulfillment and meaning at work. I found it interesting that people were not looking to their bosses, co-workers, or their organizations to make them happier, as so often is the case. They realized that it is their own responsibility to be in charge of their feelings and attitudes and to find their own meaning and joy at work by applying the same principles to their lives at work that they hold in their private lives. There need not be any separation.


Here are some of the intended attitudes and inspirations that came from this collected wisdom:

• Welcome transition and accept change

• Release the old and embrace the new

• Expand awareness, awakening the knowledge that life needs to be about something bigger than ourselves

• Inspire others to release their limited beliefs and engage in collective problem-solving

• Welcome challenging situations as opportunities for deeper understanding

• Tap into the power of choice

• Stay authentic

• Honor every person’s core values and guiding principles

• Stay connected to self, to others, and to life itself

• See, respect, and appreciate others for their gifts and talents



These are rich topics for any business leader to ponder in order to get more out of work and life, as well as important parts of creating a healthy and vibrant company culture in any organization. What are you doing yourself to create more fulfillment and a deeper meaning in both your work-life and your personal-life? Where are your areas of challenges and how are you moving through them?

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