Re-design Your Life-Plan

Leading Yourself to a Vibrant and Meaningful Life, Right Now


We all get caught up in the routine of our modern lives, both professionally and privately. We get stuck in the status quo. That can lead to disconnection from ourselves and others and from our hidden dreams for a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Evidence shows that by pausing and taking time for reflection, we gain clarity, vitality, and a growing confidence and excitement as we take charge. In this two ­day offsite retreat the participants will take stock of their lives, let go of what is no longer serving them, and open up the floodgate of creativity and self­-expression as they re-design the blueprint for their next chapter.



Carmel Valley Ranch, CA● Envisioning new priorities for a more purpose-driven life

● Exploring what might be standing in the way

● Embracing change and transition as catalysts for transformation

● Unleashing untapped self-expression and creativity

● Activating the next steps of a more vibrant and fulling life right now



● Clarity about the past, the present, and the future

IMG_9505-rev● Responsibility taken for blockages

● Rejuvenation, vitality, and energy

● Excitement, appreciation, and renewed outlook on life

● Practical tools and practices for further cultivation

● Increased creativity and self­-expression

● Commitment to SELF and the life you want to live


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“I’ve done lots of personal and professional growth work, and this retreat really supported me in synthesizing lots of learning and going much deeper into my heart / authentic self space.” ~ Annie Pratt, University of Santa Monica, YPO Tag Forum 

“This is an excellent retreat for stepping back from the busy­ness of life to reflect on what we really want and getting clear on what’s most important NOW.” ~ Don Fergusson, YPO Tag Forum 

“I liked the way the program was tailored to the specific needs of our group.” ~ Robin Ferracone, CEO RAF Capital LLC, YPO Tat Forum

“Value of quiet, focused time on me. Life’s plan is an ever­changing process and it’s a journey. Loved the process…thoughtful, encouraging, and lots of take­away value.” ~ Sandy Berg, CEO, Ellis Paint Company, Los Angeles, YPO Tag Forum group

“An impactful process to produce powerful results.”~ Steve Wadsworth, President & CEO, Tapjoy, YPO Tag Forum Group

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