9 Keys to Conscious Leadership Program

Your Personal Operating Manual to Understanding People

Experience Greater Effectiveness, Creativity, Fulfillment, and Happiness in the Workplace

We are all feeling it! The speed, the complexity, and demands of our modern living. Apart from the excitement of participating in these accelerated times, there is the challenge of internal turmoil and external conflicts and disharmony. Our clients, workplaces, families, and friends are all effected. We need a strong core that will ground us and keep us on track while we create a productive, meaningful, and happy work environment and personal sustainability. We want to resolve conflicts, make decisions, be innovative and creative, all from a place of inner peace and well-being while being fully who we are.

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This workshop is about that — the practice of Conscious Leadership. The practice is a process. To support you in managing your self-leadership, leadership of your team(s) or clients, we offer this dynamic and practical toolbox full of insights and eye opening solutions that have universal application. You will walk away with a well-crafted map that helps you to achieve your full potential and satisfaction of life while honoring and bringing out the best in other people. It is about self-awareness, innovative people skills, and cultivating a true connection to yourself and your humanness. In short, being an inspirational and conscious leader by BEING HUMAN.

For summary of The 9 Keys to Conscious Leadership      SUMMARY BROCHURE


  • Map your personality structure
  • Explore why we get into conflict and what to do about it
  • Discover yours and others unique communication styles
  • Foster well-being, balance, and self-mastery
  • Expand your mindset and worldview
  • Understand and integrate the 4 pillars of human intelligence
  • Learn the basic Conscious Leadership principles


  • Deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself and people’s differences
  • Get to know yourself,  your purpose, and values
  • Live, lead, work, from a stronger core
  • More effective communication and decision making
  • Authenticity, presence, and collaboration
  • Increased confidence, competency, vitality, and engagement
  • Ability to avoid and resolve conflict faster and more smoothly

Claim your personal roadmap to a more effective, fulfilling, and impactful personal and professional life — it all starts with you?

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Format: The program is interactive and based on a holistic approach focusing on exploration, discovery, acceptance, and self-awareness on the journey toward being a more balanced and integrated human being.

Who is this program for?  This material is powerhouse for anyone wishing to enhance their presence and authenticity and ability to interact with others in all areas of life — and yet I’ve found it brings special benefits for business and community leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and directors, lawyers and mediators, coaches and consultants, human resources specialists, creatives, educators, and any individuals interested in practical leadership skills to enhance their work and personal lives.

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Presented by Runa Bouius: Runa is an entrepreneur and former CEO from Iceland, who has, over the past 18 years, been steeped in the Conscious Leadership field and brings practical tips and tools as well as depth and wisdom to her audiences. She is the Co-Founder of both the Conscious Leader Network and the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter and now works as a Conscious Leadership/Conscious Business catalyst and advisor, facilitator, author, speaker, and producer.

Value of the 9 Keys to Conscious Leadership Program seen by the participants: 

“This valuable program provides personal and professional insights that will enable business owners, CEO’s and professional service providers to have more control, power, and effectiveness in their dealing with clients, colleagues, and family members.” ~Ronald M. Supancic, CFLS, The Law Collaborative, APC, Los Angeles, USA

10359212_4869648954898_4572167752093073456_n“I had a few “aha” self-awareness moments last night in your Reaction Styles: Balancing Thinking, Feeling, & Doing workshop. Those are always priceless.”  ~ Arezou Kohan, Esq. Author, Professional Coach & Holistic Mediator

 “The Reaction Styles program was insightful and stimulating!” ~Mario Torres-gil, President, Creative Solutions

 “What an amazing workshop this was! Let me articulate the experience: Runa’s “9 Keys to Conscious Leadership Program” is an amazing training tool for professional women and men to increase self-awareness, communication, and leadership skills. I especially enjoyed the Reaction Styles, which focuses on balancing Thinking (Intellect), Feeling (Heart), and Doing (Gut). This course gave me tremendous insight into my own reaction style and helped me become compassionate and accepting of those with a different approach. During this course, I identified my primary and secondary reaction style, and learned how to rebalance myself when trapped in a disempowering mindset. I recommend this course to any professional who wants to improve their communication skills, their personal response system, manage and mitigate conflict in self and with others, and foster collaboration and stakeholders-orientation with their team.” ~ Tatjana Luethi , UX Facilitator. Designer. Producer. Moderator. Community Leader, Los Angeles, USA

“I learned a lot about who I truly am, my attitudes, goal, archetype and more. That helped me narrow down a professional field where I can flourish, be passionate about, and contribute to society.” ~ Rita Abraham, Asone Consulting, Los Angeles, USA

“This program is a structure and taxonomy that allows one to recognize, accept, respect, and appreciate one’s true self and others.“ ~ Lauren Gould, Lauren Lee Designs, Los Angeles, USA

“This is a program that will “Tap You Up” wherever you are in your understanding and awareness of yourself and others.” ~ Adriana Rosas Masi, L.A. Digital Dentistry, Los Angeles, USA

“Our faculty had a marvelous time assessing their styles of communication and personality traits and learned what our strengths and weaknesses were in communicating with others. It was not only informative but also very entertaining. We left the training feeling as though we had learned much about ourselves and our faculty peer group. We looked at each other with an awareness we had not had before. Runa is an outstanding leader and trainer with a fun and clear communication style. She exudes real passion for her areas of expertise and true warmth for the people she is working with. I highly recommend this training.” ~Laura Deanovic, Interim Head of School, Desert Academy, USA

Runa’s work provides a roadmap of self-understanding that is immeasurably practical and illuminating. Look at it as a personal operating manual that relieves stress by simplifying life’s complexities, both personally and in the relationship with others.”  ~ Gail Larsen, Real Speaking, USA

Communicating from the insights from the 9 Keys to Conscious Leadership program about the people one works with can not only be very revealing, but lead to better understanding about what motivates and inspires.  If people in an organization can come to understand each other’s true natures, then interactions can be more fluid and productive. Misunderstandings can be minimized and relationships can be optimized. ~ Elin Kjartansottir, Architect, arkitektur.is, Iceland

“The philosophy and psychology (understanding of human nature) of this system is deep and detailed and very relevant to the demands of life in the modern western world. Liz Puttick, Publisher, Puttick Agency, UK

“Runa helped me understand some of the personal and professional blockages in front of me and gave me both the tools and techniques to surmount them. Her workshop was well structured and her presence dynamic. A truly balanced and inspirational trainer.” ~ Kristen Davis, International Herald Tribune, France

“The 9 Keys to Conscious Leadership training is a good program for the introduction of these processes to individuals and organizations where communication could be improved. It causes a group of co-workers to think about each other beyond the confines of the job and to see each other as whole individuals.”  ~ Ann Sienick, Administrator and Teacher at Desert Academy, USA

“Thank you for sharing your gifts of movement and understanding. The dragon segment was very clarifying for me. Runa, you are alive, adventurous, and you inspire action.” ~ Teresa Gross, The Crossing, USA

“I recommend Runa’s program wholeheartedly for anyone seeking to improve their personal and business performance, and enhance their potential and leadership skills. I have an MBA — I learned more from Runa.” ~ Mary K. Farmer, Managing Director and founder of transcultural management consulting firm global tmc international, Holland

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