Blow Out The Old Leadership Mindset

How to Stay Relevant, Impactful, and Sane as Leaders and Entrepreneurs in a Volatile World


TALK CATEGORY: Big Picture Strategy, Business Trends, Leadership Trends

DESIGNED FOR: Keynote – Can also be delivered as a full-day workshop/seminar


Blow_Out_the_Old_Leadership_Mindset_Upgrade Your Relevance to the 21st Century_2016.pptxToday’s success can suddenly, inexplicably be tomorrow’s failure. Change is exponential, and the current business climate is both ambiguous and complex, and increasingly disruptive. How do successful leaders and entrepreneurs cope with the questions of uncertainty, lackluster employee engagement, loyalty, innovation, and sustainability? How do they recognize the gifts the millennials bring? How can they prepare for the future and perform with excellence while keeping their sanity? Self-leadership, team-leadership, and sustainable organizational success hinge on a new way of leading, living, and being. Discover the leadership keys to navigating the 21st- century business paradigm.


  • Learn why the traditional leadership style no longer works 
  • Discover why leaders need to ‘upgrade’ their operating system
  • Examine success and the complexity of mind of the successful leader
  • Reveal the No 1 future trend for leaders

Take-Home Value:

  • Understanding of the evolutionary leadership practice
  • A framework of the 21st Century leadership requirements
  • Recognition of ‘Whole-Mind’ thinking and ‘Whole-Person’ integration
  • Expanded mindset, perspective, and worldview









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About Runa Bouius

Runa is Icelandic and a former CEO and serial entrepreneur turned Change-Catalyst, CEO/C-Suite Conscious Leadership Mentor, author, and speaker. She consults and advises start-ups, small, and medium size businesses, and facilitates and promotes the emerging leadership mindset of the 21st Century. Runa co-founded the Conscious Leader Network, the TOGETHER! Network, and the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter (CCLA) and is an associate at the international leadership training company Influens, Inc. She sits on various boards, including the Special Council of DPOUSA, and is a regular contributor to The People Development Network and LinkedIn.

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