Executive Mentoring

If you are a CEO or Senior Executive, does this Sound Familiar?

  • Managing conflict is not your strongest suit so you avoid it?
  • You don’t have support with strategy, problems solving, and navigating change.
  • You are simply not getting the results you want from your leadership approach.
  • Your inspiration and engagement with your team is not working.
  • It is hard for you to let go, share leadership, and delegate.
  • You lack intentionality to guide your business and personal life.

What If …?

  • You are centered, calm, and confident in the midst of conflict.
  • You problem solve and meet change with courage and ease.
  • You come from your fullest authenticity as you deliver results.
  • You lead by example and inspire and empower your people.
  • You drive innovation by delegating and encouraging collaboration.
  • You work, lead, and live on purpose thus bring deeper meaning to your life.

Being an extraordinary leader isn’t always easy when dealing with the ever-increasing complexity of the 21st century. Receiving support and inspiration when reaching for positive results can be crucial when you are adjusting to change, learning, and growing, and leading the way for your team and company. Having a trusted leadership mentor in your corner to give you honest feedback, strategize with you, explore with you, and inspire you can be your lifeline. This can catapult you to be on purpose while expressing your fullest potential as the extraordinary leader you are — the Conscious Leader. You don’t have to walk it alone!

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Are You the Perfect Match for Runa’s Mentoring?

The courageous, seasoned executive, leader, or entrepreneur — man or a woman — who wants to continue to learn, grow, and balance performance and smarts with wisdom and heart. The leader who wants  to adapt a “whole person” approach to leadership.

The female executive or entrepreneur who wants to step more fully into her leadership role by strengthening her confidence, intuitive voice, and the power of the feminine. The women leaders who want to bring more wholistic  balance into their leadership style.

The Next-Generation leader who wants to step into the most powerful leadership practice straight from the start. The Millennial leader who wants to be a conscious practitioner of the emerging leadership model of the 21st. century.

The CEO, or other C-Suite executive, who is facing or choosing change and stepping into the unknown. The one looking for deeper meaning through alignment of purpose and values and exploration of wider perspectives through the growth mindset and self-awareness.

As Your Trusted Advisor, Runa Brings:

  • Visionary thinking — ability to hold the bigger picture with you.
  • Clarity, certainty, quiet strength, and calm presence.
  • Integrity, trust, safety, and an international flair.
  • Honest yet compassionate feedback to uncover blind spots.
  • Wisdom, heart, and experience in leading and living.
  • Guidance through change and transition to results.



To explore if Runa is the experienced and trusted advisor you are looking for, set up a discovery call that will help you to determine if there is a beneficial alignment.


Clients Experience Working with Runa


“If you are a bold, visionary leader who needs support in leading from the heart, Runa Bouius is a natural ally. She is a visionary leader who will empower you to see the big picture and inspire you to take bold action. Having founded and managed successful businesses, Runa applies the authority and confidence of experience to help you emanate and hold a harmonious and productive environment in your business.”
John Montgomery,
Chariman, Startworks, CA, USA
“Runa is a practiced professional with international scope and experience. She has a sharp, sensitive eye for what works and brings her highly valuable blend of incisiveness and positive spirit to each client, colleague, and project. Her skilled influence on improving leadership and organizational outcomes is clear and recognizable. With a conscious and collaborative style, Runa helps others truly produce work that works.”
Tom Fanning, Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer, Boomzaa, CO, USA
“Runa is both brilliant and insightful, bringing her many years of experience as a successful business leader and her intuitive wisdom to any business challenge. She takes her work seriously, bringing great value to her coaching and consulting, all while she is supportive and without ego. A rare and remarkable talent in the business world!”
Leslie Clark,
Executive Director, United Homeless Healthcare Partners (UHHP), CA, USA
“Runa Bouius is clearly of a higher awareness in the development of conscious leaders and organizations of all kinds. I experienced her effectiveness while leading a retreat for the leaders of a forum for conscious business. Her qualities of great integrity, openness, trust, listening, creativity, passion and positive energy serve her clients so well. I am grateful to be associated with Runa.”
Tom Zander, Business Executive, Author, Speaker, AZ, USA
“What is unique about Runa is her expertise as a successful business owner and entrepreneur herself… she brings a vast global business experience and deep understanding of how to work on personal and conscious developmental level.”
Vasken Kalayjian
CEO & Brand Architect, GK Brand, Inc., NY, USA
“Runa has remarkable insight and ability to flesh out the deeper issues. She was able to help me perceive the deeper framework that had me stopped. She guided me with loving compassion while always keeping the issue surely before me.”
Norman Wolfe, Chairman/CEO, Quantum Leaders, Inc., WA, USA
“I recommend Runa wholeheartedly for anyone seeking to improve their personal and business performance, and enhance their potential and leadership skills. I have an MBA — I learned more from Rúna.”
Mary K Farmer,
Director, Glion Online Programs, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland
“Runa, your capacity to see your clients as they are, your courage to share that with them, and compassionately challenge them to step up is your value. They trust the truth, thus they trust you. That is often what separates the outstanding coaches, consultants, sages, or guides, from the rest.”
Cheryl Esposito Founder Alexsa Consulting & Executive Coaching, CA, USA
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