Emotional Intelligence

The Indispensable Leadership Skill of the 21st CenturyRuna_PwC-Aruba_2015

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered one of the most important skills in modern-day leadership and management, and — often surprising to some — exceeds IQ in importance. EQ is a skill that enables you to manage your emotions and to handle interactions with others. It empowers problem-solving, communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, relationship-management, collaboration, social interactions, and the ability to inspire others. It expands the ability to use more of the inner intelligences available for positive human interactions, both personally and organizationally.


  • Awakens self-awareness, understanding and acceptance
  • Effective management of emotions, resistance, and change
  • Deepens empathy, care, compassion, and kindness
  • Improves interpersonal communication
  • Strengthens social intelligences and relationship building
  • Encourages conflict resolution
  • Contributes to personal and professional success


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Aruba_Photo_2015The Program:

  • Updates on the latest leadership trends and their significance
  • A foundational understanding of EQ and it’s importance
  • A toolbox filled with practical EQ tips and practices
  • An EQ Assessment and Personalized Action-plan
  • Clear picture of the old vs the new leadership mindset
  • Inspiration, energy, direct experience, and collective learning



Who Should Attend:

12239261_10153261179041452_2913599975868854590_oIf you are an entrepreneur or business leader and want to tap into the new ways of staying current and thriving and executing powerful business practices in today’s complex work environment, bring Runa to your company or peer group to seed a new way of thinking and being.


“Runa was the keynote speaker at the PwC Masterclass Leadership 2015 in Aruba. It was a pleasure working with Runa. She is a true professional and has a lot of experience and insights regarding emotional intelligence and leadership”. ~ Shelby Maduro, Senior Consultant at PwC Aruba

“At a recent ‘Leadership Masterclass’ organised by PWC in Aruba, Runa was the key note speaker and moderator. I had the pleasure to engage with her on a ‘one on one’ basis during some of the breaks and we bounced great ideas and feedback off of each other. The EQ program she designed and set forth was of great interest. I believe it to have excellent value and relevance to today’s leadership, and I would definitely endorse any modern organization (or aspiring to be modern!) to engage in this program. Runa made sure her audience was on the tip of their chairs, wanting more and willing to participate in all activity!” ~ Patrick Melchiors, Destination Service Manager at Aruba Tourism Authority



This program is designed and presented by Runa Bouius, who will inform, inspire, and entertain you while introducing you to the emerging leadership paradigm of the 21st century with highlights on Emotional Intelligence.

Runa Bouius is a CEO/entrepreneur, an executive mentor, speaker, author, and producer. Her focus is on inspirational leadership and transforming the business paradigm to the 21 century by building more human workplaces. She guides the progressive and extraordinary leaders, their teams, and purpose-driven businesses to meaningful and sustainable success by focusing on collaboration, integration, innovation, and vibrant company culture through “Conscious Leadership in Action”. Runa is an associate at Influens and a member of the Special Council at DPOUSA. She is a co-founder of the Conscious Leader Network, the TOGETHER! Network, and the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter, and a contributing author for the People Development Network.


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