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Serial entrepreneur is how some people see Rúna Bouius, the Icelandic CEO from Reykjavik, who spent her first career representing an impressive portfolio of internationally known cosmetic and perfume brands on the Icelandic local and duty-free markets. She quickly became known as a trailblazer and introduced the industry to many innovative services and practices that have since become the norm — just as, unbeknownst to her at the time, Rúna was an early, avid, and pioneering practitioner of the Conscious Capitalism principles taking flight today.

After selling her businesses, Rúna headed to the U.S. in 1996 and settled in enchanted Santa Fe. The next decade was spent in mentorship and training in various disciplines such as wisdom traditions, energy, awareness, and mindfulness practices, and direct teachings from Nature.

Since 2005 Rúna has immersed herself in the Conscious Business field by speaking, writing, and mentoring leaders and entrepreneurs, assisting them in expanding their mindsets and world-views to create more successful, sustainable, and meaningful professional and personal lives.

California became Rúna’s favorite place to be in 2009, and her entrepreneurial spirit came awake again there. In 2011 she became the Co-Founder and President of the Conscious Leader Network and in 2014 she co-founded the TOGETHER! Network, that produced the TOGETHER! Conference, and co-founded the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter(CCLA).

Rúna sits on a number of boards, including the Special Council at DPOUSA and as an honorary board member of the non-profit Red Wind Councils. She is an associate at the international leadership training company Influens and a contributing author to the People Development Magazine.  She has spoken at various conferences, including the Conscious Capitalism ConferenceWomen’s International NetworkingThe International Conference on Business and Consciousness, the FORGEand TOGETHER conferences in LA, and at the annual  Southern California Mediator’s Association (SCMA) Conferences at Pepperdine University.


Partners and Collaborators

Rúna Bouius has an extensive network of partners and business collaborators – – experts in various areas such as personal, team, and workplace transformation, conscious business, conscious leadership, women’s entrepreneurship, conflict resolution and mediation, and health and well-ness. These experts co-create and collaborate with her to deliver the most successful and transformational outcomes for the clients.

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