Looking for a professional speaker with an eye on the emerging leadership model for the 21st. century? Runa Bouius will inform, inspire, and entertain your audience with her timely message articulated in her authentic and charming communication style.

Runa is available to conferences, businesses, groups, and associations as a speaker, panelist, workshops leader, or moderator.


Speaking Topics

Praise From The Audience

“At a recent ‘Leadership Masterclass’ organized by PWC in Aruba, Runa was the keynote speaker and moderator. The EQ program she designed and set forth was of great interest. I believe it to have excellent value and relevance to today’s leadership, and I would definitely endorse any modern organization (or aspiring to be modern!) to engage in this program. Runa made sure her audience was on the tip of their chairs, wanting more and willing to participate in all activity!
Patrick Melchoirs, Destination Service Manager at Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba
“As we, at EFFi Foods, strive to lift up food standards – Runa elevates business to new heights.”
Carina Ayden, CEO & the EFFI Team, Los Angeles, CA, USA
“Rúna’s commanding presence and delivery, as a speaker, inspires one to be hopeful for desired changes. She willingly shares how to stand above the vicissitudes of life, while expressing experience and understanding of diverse circumstances. I am motivated by her to move away from the inevitable disturbances of a busy day to taking time to celebrate the whole me!”
Merrylin LeBlanc, President, Aquarian Amusements, Inc., NM, USA
“I highly recommend Rúna Bouius as a guest speaker or facilitator for your next event or corporate retreat. The members of our Business Women Rising – Grande Vista forum (VP and C-level executives) were inspired and refreshed by Rúna’s knowledge, charming style and heartfelt “whole person” approach to leadership.´
Debra Boelkes, CEO, Business World Rising, CA, USA
“I’ve been fortunate to attend various meetings where Rúna co-hosted and facilitated the agenda. She has real presence—strong, kind, and committed to the success of the attendees. Her message resonated with me because Rúna clearly articulates the importance of balancing work with personal life. She is passionate about her subject, and as such inspires and empowers everyone around her. You also get the sense that Rúna “walks the talk” and is passionate about making a difference.”

Deborah Shames, Presentation and Communication Skills Trainer, Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Group Leader, CA, USA
“Rúna brings a remarkable blend of poise & quintessential professionalism along with an unflinching commitment to her work. When she stands in front of a room – she owns it. Her exceptional gift for facilitating raises the group’s level of awareness and centers them to focus on the deeper questions. The resulting insights are more meaningful, valuable, and rewarding for everyone present.”
Beatrice Felix, Principal at Pivotal Mindset, CA, USA
“Rúna speaks about what she has tested in the waters of her own business and community life and applies it brilliantly to the needs and interests of a particular audience. Her presence touches a deep chord in others. She not only inspires, she teaches practical tools to imbue leaders with the inner strength to meet their challenges with confidence and compassion.”
Gail Larsen, Founder, Real Speaking and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant, NM, USA
“I attended a women-focused business seminar co-lead by Runa Bouius back in the fall of 2014. I was half expecting a very touchy-feeling presentation about women empowerment but hoped for much more. To my delight, Runa did not disappoint. She took the stage, and was as equally supportive and encouraging, as she was direct and no nonsense. I appreciated her down-to-earth leadership style, and look forward to hearing more of her sage advice at future events.”
Stella Sacdalan, Founder & CEO Equallet, Santa Monica, CA, USA


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