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Over the last few years there has been a steady rise in the incoming requests I get from a wide variety of people wanting to meet with me, talk to me, get my thoughts, perspective, and advice on an idea… wanting me to look at their project, evaluate their startup concept, get guidance on the next steps on their leadership journey, give them feedback on a career move, or tap into my connections…  or as many often formulate their request: “I just want to pick your brain”.


It seems that my somewhat unconventional background-story, worldview and visionary perspective, knowledge and experiences — who I am and what I stand for — are of interest and inspiration to people who are going through changes, looking for deeper purpose and meaningful lives, and embarking on something new. They are not looking for a longterm coaching or mentoring engagement nor a consulting contract but simply someone to put them in the spotlight — listen to them, see them, witness them, and hold the space for them as they weigh their options, make their decisions, and get inspired to take action.


As much as I would like to respond to every one of these noble requests, my time is limited.  But I do want to assist — SO I AM OFFERING a onehour, one-on-one Spotlight sessions.


WHAT IT IS:  A one-hour, one-on one, SPOTLIGHT Session using your choice of  Zoom (video conference) or phone.


DESIGNED FOR: Any professional — CEO, executive, founder, entrepreneur, leader, manager, investor, thought-leader, speaker, author, community organizer, consultant, coach, to name a few — needing a quick check-in, a sounding board, feedback, information, inspiration, clarity and fuel to take action.


HOW IT WORKS:  Get in touch and let us know you want to schedule a session CONTACT US

You will receive a session-scheduler and payment information. When session has been scheduled and paid for you will get information on  how to connect with Runa.




INQUIRY:  For further information or inquiry about our other services   CONTACT US


Thank you for allowing me to serve you!

Runa Bouius

“If you are a bold, visionary leader who needs support in leading from the heart, Runa Bouius is a natural ally. She is a visionary leader who will empower you to see the big picture and inspire you to take bold action. Having founded and managed successful businesses, Runa applies the authority and confidence of experience to help you emanate and hold a harmonious and productive environment in your business.”
John Montgomery,
Founder and Chairman Emeritus at Montgomery & Hansen, LLP, CA, USA
“Runa is a practiced professional with international scope and experience. She has a sharp, sensitive eye for what works and brings her highly valuable blend of incisiveness and positive spirit to each client, colleague, and project. Her skilled influence on improving leadership and organizational outcomes is clear and recognizable. With a conscious and collaborative style, Runa helps others truly produce work that works.”
Tom Fanning, Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer, Boomzaa, CO, USA
“Runa is both brilliant and insightful, bringing her many years of experience as a successful business leader and her intuitive wisdom to any business challenge. She takes her work seriously, bringing great value to her coaching and consulting, all while she is supportive and without ego. A rare and remarkable talent in the business world!”
Leslie Clark,
Executive Director, United Homeless Healthcare Partners (UHHP), CA, USA
“Runa’s gave me the single most powerful statement that has significantly changed my leadership style. This was like delivering medicine to the center of the disease. I can’t help but think this was a result of a highly insightful and intuitive coaching.”
Darwin Richardson, Vice President Quality,Genzyme, Boston, USA
“What is unique about Runa is her expertise as a successful business owner and entrepreneur herself… she brings a vast global business experience and deep understanding of how to work on personal and conscious developmental level.”
Vasken Kalayjian
CEO & Brand Architect, GK Brand, Inc., NY, USA
“Runa has remarkable insight and ability to flesh out the deeper issues. She was able to help me perceive the deeper framework that had me stopped. She guided me with loving compassion while always keeping the issue surely before me.”
Norman Wolfe, Chairman/CEO, Quantum Leaders, Inc., WA, USA
“I recommend Runa wholeheartedly for anyone seeking to improve their personal and business performance, and enhance their potential and leadership skills. I have an MBA — I learned more from Rúna.”
Mary K Farmer,
Director, Glion Online Programs, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland
“As a former CEO and business owner, Runa leverages her strong professional experience and expertise coupled with a high level of consciousness and heart to contribute, transform, and humanize today’s corporate business world. She is one of those people that sees the greatness in you and knows how to amplify it.”
Tatjana Luethi, Co-Founder of, CA, USA

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