What Is This Movement About?

We are all well aware of the global challenges humanity faces today. The authors of the book The Consciousness Revolution, Ervin Laszlo, Stanislav Grof, and Peter Russell maintain that at its root this is a crisis of consciousness. They claim that in spite of many wonderful initiatives in the past to protect the environment and create more equality for the human population, more is needed to solve our problems at their core. Only the evolution of consciousness will do that, they say.

The collective consciousness is evolving at record speed at the same time that we are being presented with higher levels of complexity as well as possibilites through technological advancements. We are becoming more keenly aware of the interdependence of humanity, the environment, and the planet than ever before in human history.

I believe that the power of business and entrepreneurship can play a big role in leveraging this awakened consciousness. This force can seed a fertile ground for creative and innovative solutions that are essential for the healing of our planet thus bringing humanity back into harmony, strength, and prosperity.

The question is how well-equipped is the business-world to take on this huge challenge? It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional mechanistic management style – – based on success through ego-centric competition, command, and control – – is reaching its limits and is not an attractive model for the Next-Generation leaders. What seems to be emerging is a more relationship-oriented model where collaboration and co-creation are the backbone. As Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we had when we created them.” This new model is more like a complex, living, and self-organizing eco-system that my friend and colleague Norman Wolfe calls “The Living Organization.”

This new organizational system requires a different kind of leadership – – A leadership based on deeper awareness and higher levels of consciousness… A leadership that is unfolding and evolving through the efforts of the many great initiatives that we now have access to through online and live events, books, and social media. These are all fragments of the bigger whole. Think of initiatives such as the Transformational Leadership, Integral Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Servant Leadership, Heartfelt Leadership, Wisdom 2,0, the Conscious Capitalism Movement, Enlightened Entrepreneurship, the Integrative Law Movement, the Council Ways through Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Ergonomics, the Next Generation Global Leaders, the Human Potential Movement, Mediators Beyond Borders, Social Entrepreneurship, Socially Responsible Investing, the Environmental movement, Sustainability, Alternative Currency, LOHAS: Lifestyle for Health and Sustainability, the Feminine Leadership, to name only a few. THE MOVEMENT is not about any one of these initiatives, but the positive effects of all their efforts combined bringing us to a higher level of consciousness.

I am excited and proud to be a part of this movement. For my own particular expression I have chosen to use the term Conscious Leadership that is specifically about the cultivation and self-mastery of being a Conscious Leader – – leading ourselves, our teams, and our organizations towards an exciting, generative, and compassionate future. I do hope you join us!

Runa Bouius

In A Nutshell

  • Growing healthy enterprises
  • Serving society through entrepreneurship
  • Being Conscious Leaders with heart
  • Resolving difficult issues peacefully
  • Making tough decisions with compassion
  • Fostering authentic relationships
  • Being cause-focused versus self-focused
  • Feminine and Masculine Twin-ness
  • Fostering multigenerational collaboration

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