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Are you a founder, team leader, manager, an executive, or other professional needing and wanting to upgrade and strengthen your abilities in self-leadership and leadership of others, take stock of your career path and step into your confidence and personal power — HERE IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR YOU!

Designed by Rúna Bouius, the advisor and mentor who guides business leaders and the next-generation successful entrepreneurs through the practice of inspirational and effective leadership, this program provides you the opportunity to start exploring your foundational principles as a leader, and to get more clarity about your next steps and growth edges. We all need to be seen, heard, and witnessed as we identify our needs and desires and create our vision for becoming a purpose-driven, inspirational, and impactful leader who leads, works, and lives from greatness and heart.



An exploratory assessment process, revealing where you are now, and where you want to go as a leader in your business and in your personal life.



Founders, entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, investors, and other professionals who want to grow as leaders and expand their mindsets, and create a ‘whole-person’ approach to their professional and personal leadership and careers.




After  you have signed up, you will receive a preliminary pre-work — The Leader’s Assessment Questionnaire — that you will complete and submit. Rúna will review your answers prior to spending two-hours with you on a live video conference. Rúna will evaluate your present situation and guide you to a clearer picture of your priorities and next steps to move you forward towards your next level of your leadership goals.  

The process will be completed a week later with a 45-min live video support session with Rúna to answer any additional questions, integrate and celebrate.



Full pay option $1,497

Payment plan option $1,797

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Thank you for your interest — and I congratulate you on your passion for growing as a leader.



Runa Bouius

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