Erase Your Fear Patterns

Turn Your Obstacles, Blind Spots, and Ego Behavior Into Personal Power


Fear Courage Signpost Showing Scared Or Courageous

The biggest and costliest blunder that too many founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs , C-suite executives, investors, and other business professionals overlook is not paying attention to their own self-leadership, their interactions with others, and how they generally conduct themselves. Damaging unconscious behavior is allowed to run wild and is treated as the norm, even though it can create havoc in the workplace, ruin business and personal relationships, and undermine trust. It easily diminishes productivity, kills creativity, damages relationships, undermines performance, and weakens joy and well-being. The negative effect on the bottom line, the culture, as well as the loyalty and engagement of the people is hugely underestimated, not to mention the personal struggles and inner distress caused by holding these energies.



What then is this prevalent sabotaging behavior? It is our human nature, our coping mechanism that takes over when we feel the need to defend ourselves when under heavy stress. It is a behavioral pattern based on fear. It is the ego acting out. It is something we witness everywhere in our fastpaced business environment and in society on a daily basis.

The good news is that we can learn what these dragon-like fear patterns are… we can name them, identify which ones we are acting out, learn how to manage them, and even erase them. They are often referred to as our blind spots, our major obstacles, and as such, they are well worth taking in hand and turning them into personal power.


The Benefits…

  • Strengthens performance and efficiency
  • Builds relationships and connections
  • Elevates problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Increases well-being, confidence, and effectiveness
  • Cultivates awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Enhances communication, collaboration, and team-work
  • Improves the bottom line


Learn how to…

  • Discover the 7 universal fear patterns
  • Name your own fear patterns and those of co-workers and even your company
  • Use specific strategies to face and transform these fear-based ego behaviors
  • Identify the behaviors that sabotage productivity and efficiency
  • Create strategies to manage and cope with stress-related behavior
  • Learn how costly untamed ego behavior is for the bottom line
  • Promote a harmonious environment for better teamwork and personal dynamics 



“Exploring my fears in an environment with others who were willing to do so provided me with a lot of strength and comfort.” – Staci Venski, Research Director, LRW, CA, USA

“Runa is extremely engaging, thoughtful, and funny. Her approach made me comfortable and at ease with sharing my fears.” – Bret Jonas, VP, LRW, CA, USA

“Very insightful and helps put a framework around fears and ways to combat them.” – Mary Missig, Research Director, LRW, CA, USA

“Very valuable information to incorporate into both personal and professional life.” – Katie Currall, LRW, CA, USA

“The fear pattern segment was very clarifying for me. Runa’s facilitation was alive, adventurous, and inspired action.” – Teresa Gross, The Crossings, Texas, USA



The 9 Keys to Conscious Leadership Program

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