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Balancing Thinking, Feeling, & Doing, a Body-Mind Connection Workshop,  Sunday, Nov. 23, 2:00PM – 4:00 PM”.
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9 Keys to Conscious Leadership Workshop. Join us live in LA Oct. 13 – Dec 8, 2014 at the Harwell Institute. 
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Establishing a relationship with the right leadership guide can be one of the most valuable investment a leader can do. Tap into broader perspectives and harness your unlimited capacity to create a successful leadership legacy filled with heart and meaning. Explore if we are the right partners for you!

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We all benefit from being inspired to move to the next level of our leadership – our self-leadership, and leadership of our teams, our companies, and communities. Discover how our talks and presentations are the inspiration moving you forward and serving you and your group today!

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The most powerful way for leaders and their teams to grow is through direct experience. We offer deeper cultivation of the conscious leadership concepts through seminars, workshops, and retreats. Are you and your team ready to explore what it means to build and sustain your leadership edge?

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We believe in the power of business and entrepreneurship to leverage the awakening of consciousness. As leaders we need to commit to generative change and prosperity for the planet and all it’s inhabitants.


We challenge the status quo, strengthen adaptability to change, and empower organizations and their leaders to consciously choose the co-creation of a brighter future through transformation, creativity, service, and true collaboration.


We are hired by progressive and conscious business executives, entrepreneurs, and service providers to coach, consult, and facilitate conscious leadership work around leading self, leading teams, and their organizations to success.

Through The Eyes Of Others

“Based on her extensive experience as an entrepreneur/CEO and her deep personal practice, Runa vibrantly brings the principles of Conscious Capitalism (Higher Purpose, a Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership & Conscious Culture) to life in her coaching, consulting, and courses.”
Jeff Klein, CEO Working for Good, Conscious Capitalism, Inc., CA, USA

“Runa is an age-old, wise soul who sees into the nature of things — and of you. She lives conscious leadership. It comes from inside her in the way she conducts her own life, and in the way she brings practical conscious leadership wisdom to her clients and relationships. Her ability to connect people and bring them together to evolve them is extraordinarily catalytic. She is a bright light in the world of evolving leaders and evolving humanity”
Gina Hayden, Co-Founder, Global Institute for Conscious Leadership, London, UK

“I first met Runa at the Conscious Capitalism event where I spoke on Conscious Leadership. I was immediately impressed with her presence and have since gotten to know her much better over the past two or three years. I respect her skills, her consciousness, and her intent in furthering consciousness in how people live, work, and lead, including the full integration of the feminine in both women and men.”
John Renesch, Co-founder, FutureShapers LLC, author, The Great Growing Up, CA, USA

“”Runa is both brilliant and insightful, bringing her many years as a successful business leader and her intuitive wisdom to any business challenge. She takes her work seriously, bringing great value to her coaching and consulting, all while she is supportive and without ego. A rare and remarkable talent in the business world!”
Leslie Clarke, Co-Executive Director of Conscious Youth Global Network

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